Capstone: University of Tampa
This class is the culmination of the BFA Graphic Design program at Texas State University. Students conceptualize a project, apply research, write a thesis statement and document and create a gallery installation for a 2-week show. They are guided through discussions, readings, forums, theory, multiple presentations of their work and iterations of their concept. Creative interpretations of projects range from video, coded visual interactions, mobile app design, laser and die-cut imagery, UX/UI, design for social impact and much more.
Reintegrating Analog Processes into the Digital World
Since the digital revolution, the graphic design industry has revolved around the use of digital technology to design and create. Graphic design was once a job that required designers to be physically active and hands-on in the design process. In this exhibit, we view a series of six poster designs made by various hands-on analog methods combined with experimentation. These methods required the use of vellum, scanners, glass, paint, collage, and stamps. Digital technology is only a single tool out of many that exist in the physical world, and the incorporation of hands-on processes into the current digitally-driven design world allows designers to open themselves to new paths of ideas, innovation, and solutions.
Based on the studies surrounding the ideas of fixed vs. growth mindsets, Introspection explores the relationship viewers have with what is seen and experienced from different points of view. Everyone has various backgrounds, which allows each of us to formulate different lenses to perceive and internalize the things of this world. Introspection challenges the viewer to expand beyond their own point of view and look at things through various perspectives. Being in this state of mind allows room for the potential to be enlightened beyond what we can already discern.
An Outrageous Proposition For An Empirical Idea: A Manifesto
This manifesto, “An Outrageous Proposition For An Empirical Idea” encapsulates my work and research from my senior year at The University of Tampa. It utilizes to set the same ethical standards for the user-centered design world as we have for the physical aspects of life and society. Society has since long reached a point where digital life affects everyday human life in a very real way. I have researched, strategized, and developed my own personal values and views with ethics in user experience design. This manifesto is a concrete foundation that builds our universe. It guides the structure of society- our institutions, communities, environment, and systems.
Joys & Sorrows
Understanding genocide is no small task. My research focused on what 'Uyghur' meant and why they were being targeted. Why were people choosing to ignore this issue? What exactly was going on in Xinjiang? Left with heaps of research in the end, I tried to create a newspaper that would explain all that I learned. It felt like too small a medium to convey this matter.
Capstone: Texas State University
This class is the culmination of the BFA Communication Design program at Texas State University. Students refine, expand and create new projects for their online portfolio. They are encouraged to chose a career focus, and projects range from branding and advertising campaigns, website designs, mobile + app design, packaging, UX/UI design, design for social impact, illustration and creative book designs. An Exit Review event is held to showcase their online portfolios, with industry professionals in attendance.