Design Incubation Writing Fellowship
Workshop for designer writers. 
New York, NY (virtual)
Fellowship workshop facilitating academic writing and publishing for designers. Select peer group led by experts in design and writing including Aaris Sherin, Professor of Graphic Design at St. John’s University and Robin Landa, Distinguished Professor at Michael Graves College, Kean University and author of multiple design books.
*Article completion expected Summer 2021 for academic publishing submission.
Unbinding the Atlas: An Historical Overview and
Recontextualization of Use for 21st Century Design 

This article seeks to challenge the way viewers perceive displays of information, and to create a new typology or recontextualization for the use of the atlas as a container for design. An open definition of the atlas allows for broader use of the form that can include abstract cartography, data visualizations, graphics and written text, and an exploration of context through social, cultural, political, geographic, historical and philosophical expression. The purpose of an open-ended format allows for the atlas to be viewed as a type of design that can be interpreted and expanded. As society is moving into an ever more complex world of content available at our fingertips, an atlas should no longer be contained only as a book of maps, or even a book at all, but must grow and expand into diverse forms of usage. The atlas is a medium that works in a range of modes, and one that allows for multiple ways of viewing information and the implementation of new paths and contexts of relevance.