Continued exploration of visual structure and hierarchies of information through the organization of typographic space. Emphasis is on the use of type to create messages, both literary and visual. The coursework will further understanding of conceptual design solutions and visual problem solving as a part of the creative process. The projects will broaden and refine the mastery of composition using type and layout. Students will develop: an understanding the design and anatomy of letters constructing words; letter and line spacing composing paragraph text; creating reading paths and evocative forms creating hierarchies of meaning other than the classic reading paths by manipulating hierarchical variables of type creating sequence and mood across multiple pages.
BFA Graphic Design: Viewbook + Class Posters
The University of Tampa Art + Design Department proposed to re-create a viewbook for the incoming and transfer students that reflects a change direction to help increase the visibility and desires to come to study and transform within this department.
Editorial + Newspaper
Design a newsprint publication in response to a current topic or issue impacting our/your communities. Utilize typography as the primary mode of storytelling and documentation. Design the publication to be distributed and shared. Generate original content, establish a unique typographic identity and print the publication through
100 Days Project
Starting on the first day of class, students were to pick a design activity that they could repeat every day
for the next 100 days. The operation must be repeated in some form every day and documented. The medium is open, as is the final form of the presentation on the 100th day. (Thanks to Michael Bierut for the project inspiration.)

Swiss Style Design Posters
The task was to create a series of four printed or digital posters that emulate the historic style or
modern-day use of the Swiss + International Style. The theme or topics to choose from include:
• Bauhaus 
• Covid a commentary on quarantine or another aspect of the pandemic
• Elements + principles of design: balance, emphasis, movement, hierarchy, rhythm, pattern, etc.
• A speaker series with topics discussing cultural identity in 2021
• Thank you have a nice day, what does that look like visually?