A Meta-Phorical Campus
Ceramic Tile Wall Installation
A Meta-Phorical Campus references an image of an iconic and historic building from The University of Tampa campus, using the Henry B. Plant Hall (former Tampa Bay Hotel) as visual context. The artwork
is based on an ongoing series of map and atlas designs and writings that began with my own works entitled Meta-Phorical Graphic Atlas. This work furthers continued research on the use of the atlas as a design container and of updating the typology—or classification—of the form of the atlas. The mosaic utilizes a collage of photos with a design overlay of small dots and circles referencing the use of the circle
as a graphic figure in urban spaces. The 15' x 10' installation is made of 600 six-inch ceramic tiles, each holding 36 circles. The underlying image is a representation of place that will create a recontextualized
or meta-phorical graphic for the viewer and provide a visual orientation and a reference placing UT at the heart of Tampa, both literally and symbolically.