This Communication Design course focuses on projects that help students develop conceptual thinking techniques and to use strategy-based problem solving for various media and implementation of design, design-thinking and branded elements.
This is a poster design project for an event or organization where the students develop a concept that is expanded onto messaging, with a focus on visual impact. The composition and design of the poster are developed through research and sketches. 
Icon Systems
The project requires the students to develop a uniquely branded system of icons as a way to communicate concepts without the use of words or text. The focus is on the creation and design of a consistent style and the development of clarity in the message.
Package Design
Students receive a category prompt (i.e. chocolate, tea or other product that allows for variety in packaging). They develop a brand concept, design a logo and packaging of their creation. Development through research and iterative sketches. Packaging is hand-built and assembled. Student-photographed.
Prompt: Create a chocolate brand + logo + packaging.
Gruff Chocolate: Student—Chelsea Ryan, 2017 AIGA Flux Student Design Competition