This 2-D Design foundations course is an introduction to the elements and principles of design through the application of design, composition and visual communication. Projects include the use of shape and form, positive/negative space, photographic imagery and the implementation of color.
Four Black Squares
This is a traditional exercise in the development of awareness of economical means to create visual effects within a graphic vocabulary. Students review the principles of composition utilizing proximity, cropping of form, illusory space, contrast in scale and the interaction of positive and negative space.
Less Is More
A foundational exercise in how the process can determine the outcome. Through the techniques of changing scale, value reversal, cropping and the addition of color are used to produce three images. Images are created through the use of xerox copies and hand-rendering in ink.
Negative Space
An assignment based on critical observations and photography of situational negative space and within typographic forms. Images are sketched in the development of a diptych and hand-rendered in ink.
Form in Space
This assignment is based on the understanding and implementation of the principles of organization and the elements of design. A 3-D object is photographed and a drawing and three new compositions are created through the exploration of relationships of form and space in the picture plane. 
Color Introduction
This exercise introduces the theory and use of color through an exploration of color mixing, and the painting of a color wheel and gradations in b/w and hues. The primary project is a 3-step self-portrait, including new photography: sketch, b/w painting and a change in relationship of color value.